Concerning Eastern Methods about Kundalini Energy in Yoga

There are both similarities and differences between Indian Yoga philosophy and Martinus' Cosmology. Here follows a short summary.

According to Indian tradition, man has seven chakras (centres of energy). The Kundaliniforce is said to be sleeping, coiled like a serpent, in the lowest chakra, called the root chakra. When this force is awoken, it begins to rise up through the spine. The awakening occurs through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc., and was called "the shorter way to God" by the old practioners. One was well aware though, that it was a risky journey. The energy activates all chakras, and it was therefor important that the practioner performed purification exercises, because if the chakras were filled with impurities, the ravaging of Kundalini was very painful. The purpose of these exercises is to reinforce the nervous system and the glands, so that they can bear the tremendous powers that are activated. This is done through exact bodily movements and positions, manipulation of the respiratory organs, mantras, i.e. sacred phrases, and is finally finished off with meditation.

The fire of Kundalini is then said to be able to automatically annihilate mental and bodily impurities, as for instance, earthly desires, old "garbage" from this and previous lives. The personal Ego must be broken down. It is recommended to keep away from sexual relations, in order to preserve the energy, and to be able to increase it. 
There are three channels, nadis, in the spine. Pingala, the right, is dynamic, masculine, fire, solar energy and creative. Ida, the left, is passive, feminine, cool, lunar-energy and relaxing. 
When these two are in equilibrium, the life energy prana is in equilibrium. And then the Kundalini force can rise up through the sushumna, the central channel, which is the high voltage power line. This is the Royal Way.
If the Kundalini fire is triggered in the wrong way, it can get out of control and break down the entire nervous system. The first feeling of ecstasy and rapture, is quickly replaced by lack of life energy, listlessness, depression, agony, disorder and experiences of being attacked by invisible evil powers, or one is hit by the "I am Messiah"-syndrome. At worst one becomes insane, or that the ravage of the Kundalini fire is experienced as if one is burnt up from inside, and it can even cause death, or the opposite: one congeals, i.e. becomes paralysed. Correctly activated, under the control of a Master, Guru, who has gone through the process himself with a happy ending, one can reach the highest God power and get higher consciousness, supernatural powers and peace of mind.
The Kundalini energy "the white Cobra", then has reached the crown chakra, and you have attained samadhi, i.e. enlightenment, and one has been initiated into the Truth. Shakti, the creative feminine force, has been united with the masculine Shiva, the pure consciousness. The individual "I" has been merged into the Brahman, i.e. one has become at one with God, and no longer needs to incarnate on Earth. The coalescence is an enormous inner experience of light.

This is a brief summary of the most frequent theories in Indian books. 

According to "Livets Bog", The Book of Life

Martinus warns seriously against artificial roads to initiation. We practice these Eastern methods without knowing about the risks, or the holiness in these exercises. "Godless" people are playing with the "God - power" without knowing that:

"it is a state of 'high voltage', and if the right human qualifications are not present in the consciousness, it can cause the most dreadful forms of 'short-circuit' and 'fire' in the consciousness. The great birth (initiation, my note) is not something you can hunt for, as you can hunt for a office or an award of an order" (Cosmic Glimpses, paragraph 5)

The only way to reach Cosmic Consciousness is to completely conquer one's own lower nature. 

"Then it comes as an unrejectable and natural organic process, which opens up the individual's latent centres in the brain, and makes him able in his conscious state on the physical plane to be day-conscious as well in the physical as in the psychic or spiritual part of life. Such an experience will come at a time when the individual least has a feeling of it, and not at all considers himself developed enough to be able to get such an experience. It absolutely never comes at a time when the individual considers himself to be enough developed." (Previously quoted work, chapter 4)

There are not many people today who are aware of the purpose and goal of these methods, or that you can involuntarily come into contact with higher cosmic energies. Since nobody talks about the risks, there exist only one's own, and other people's experiences of the side-effects that have started to emerge, that fill in the "gaps" of knowledge. It is therefor important with "enlightenment" that one can cause chaos in one's life energy, and it can never accord with the law of nature, which is striving towards harmony and perfection, that one should become ill. The human being is in fact a mes-cosmic electrical device, and the most important thing for the modern human being, is to learn about his or her own physical and psychic structure.

The Life-energy

The entire physical world depends upon the interplay between fire and cold. All matter is frozen fire. The Gravity-energy is explosive, physical fire and in its purest state solar energy, which warms, expands, disintegrates or burns. The Feeling-energy is cold that freezes, binds, condenses and calms. 
The Gravity-energy and the Feeling-energy are in their innermost origin, a mes-cosmic electrical or spiritual energy. In our body, the equilibrium between these two energies constitutes the normal body-temperature. If this is altered, so that the warmth or the coldness becomes oversized, we get fever. If this fever, or the beginning of a short-circuit is not stopped, it will become so total that all contact between the individual's psychic or electrical system and its physical organism ceases, and we die. (See Book of Life VI paragraph 2181). The tension between fire and cold has come under control during a long development in our heart-, blood-, lung- and motory-systems, and works automatically. We do not have to think about it.

Psychic Life-energy

We have not yet achieved control over the psychic balance using thought and will-power. 

"This means that they will be in control of their minds so that they will not explode in hatred, anger and irritation, and neither will they be 'imprisoned by their feelings' of bitterness, jealousy, disappointment, anxiety and depression. Human beings' life force, which according to the plan of Providence will be united with high spiritual energies, has in the time- and space-dimensional worlds its origin in the balance between gravity and feeling, and when terrestrial human beings gain mastery over their minds to a degree that is equivalent to the mastery that they normally have over their physical bodies, their life force as love and wisdom, which regulates how they act, will reach such heights that one would nowadays be inclined to think of it as the stuff of mere fairy tales." (Article in Cosmos Nr. 14/1980,  (”The origin of life force ")

Thus, we have to cool down our ardent, fiery nature, so that the mind becomes as smooth as a mirror, and there must not be the least ripple of irritation or dissatisfaction. 
Each fired arrow, whether it is pointed with hatred or love, will sooner or later come back to its "archer". Such is the law of Karma. 

Centre or Complex

An individual, who is morally and humanely developed, can begin to get thought experiences "from above" in the form of small glimpses, "brain waves" from the invisible, spiritual world. But, our brain- and heart cells must be sufficiently developed to be able to bear this higher information from the universal "bank of knowledge". The wire is our spinal cord.

"As all mental functions are of an ‘electric’ nature, they can only have physical release or reaction through a 'transmitter' or 'aerial-system'. It is a system of this kind that the individual has in his brain and nerves. It consists of energies partly physical and partly mental; so it can be tuned to different grades of exactitude and thereby be brought into contact with equivalent degrees of physical or spiritual energies or energy-waves." (Livets Bog I, paragraph 224)

The unconscious human being is still ignorant of the fact that she as well as her physical body also has five spiritual or "radiated" invisible bodies, which are under development (the aura). She also believes that the physical brain is the final residence of her perceptions, 

"but beyond this physical part the electric waves continue as 'non-physical' and can be experienced by the individual only according to how far his spiritual bodies are developed in order to be able to react to these waves.(Paragraph 224)

These waves or "spiritual perceptions" are the same as our thought-climate, and the brain- and nervous-system is the "gateway" to the spiritual world. In this "gateway" there are special small openings for the different kinds of electrical waves, i.e. special centres or complexes for the different spiritual functions. 

"The human being in question will suffer from an illusion in believing that these special centres or complexes are the actual cause of his functions while the truth is that they are only specific organs for physically transmitting and receiving specific spiritual energy-waves or vibrations." (Paragraph 224)

The purge of our lower thought climates is done only through the development of morality and the ability to love, not through "artificial exercises". To come into contact with higher spiritual energies without any risks, is only a matter of "purification" of our thoughts and actions, because:

"In the same way as the reception or transmission through a radio set is discordant if there is something wrong with any of its component parts, so is the transmission of reactions through the brain and nervous system also discordant if there is something the matter with the particular centres or complexes in that system. Such disharmonies in the mind of the individual we know in daily life under such terms as insanity, mental handicap or paralysis.(Paragraph 224)

These are "short-circuits" in the nervous system, which also may occur if one tries too early to penetrate into the "Kingdom of God", in an unnatural way. 
But we can have a small "look in advance" through Martinus, who describes his "golden baptism of fire" in the book "The Road to Initiation". 

"I looked into a bright, blue heaven, which seemed to be drawn aside, by which a still brighter heaven appeared. And thus it kept on, until a heaven came out so exuberantly dazzling in its golden flare and vibrating at such a velocity that I felt myself at the summit of what my organism and my mind could endure. A single step, a single fraction of a second more, and the celestial oscillation would, with the immense power of lightning, in the twinkling of an eye have put an end to my earthly existence. But during the fractions of a second that the revelation lasted I experienced a world of holiness, purity, harmony, and perfection. I found myself in a sea of light. This was not, as in my first revelation, white as snow, but was rather of a golden tinge. Everything was fire of a golden lustre. Throughout were vibrating thin, golden filaments, glittering here and there, within and without. I felt that this was the very consciousness of God, his own sphere of thought. It was the substance, the omni-potence, the supreme power, through which the divine ego ruled and directed oceans of worlds, galaxies, and nebulae, in microcosmos as well as in macrocosmos. I was spell-bound. The divine fire vibrated within me and without, above and below. 'The Spirit of God' which according to the Bible 'moved upon the face of the waters', the 'fire' that Moses saw burning in the thorn-bush, the 'fire' that took Elijah into Heaven, the 'fire' through which Jesus was transfigured on the mountain, the 'fire' that appeared above the heads of the apostles, and subsequently changed Saulus into Pau-lus on his way to Damascus, the 'fire' that throughout all times has been the 'alpha' and 'omega' in every form of sublime creation, manifestation, or revelation. It was this very fire blazing in front of my own eyes, vibrating in my own breast, in my own heart, enveloping my whole being. I felt as if bathing in an element of love. I was at the origin, the very source of everything warm in a father's and mother's sympathy for their offspring, of mutual devotion in the amours of a young couple. I saw the power that made the hand sign the letter of pardon, abolish slavery, protect life's petty ones, whether it be a little animal or a frail human being. I saw the sunshine that can melt the ice and remove the cold from every mind, transform the barren deserts of hopelessness and pessimism into fertile and sunny regions of consciousness, warm the heart, inspire the brain, thus ma-king the individual forgive injustice, love his enemy, and understand the criminal. It was as if I was resting at the bosom of the Almighty Deity. I was dwelling at the fountainhead of love supreme, perceived divine perfection, ex-perienced being one with the Way, the Truth, and the Life, was one with the Father of all."

Our earthly human organism is not yet ready to bear such an enormous concentration of the Supreme Being of God, and even Martinus quickly had to end the divine vision. But after this "baptism" he had gained cosmic consciousness permanently.

No one has the right to sully this world of purity and harmony. All illegal trespassing is prohibited. The one, who tries without being "pure", is implacably thrown back to that sphere where one belongs. And here we have Jesus' metaphor of "the wedding clothes". The only "safe" way is to meditate on God, and through unselfish prayer, i.e. "Our Father, which art in Heaven...". 
A heartfelt relation to God is a prerequisite to be able to "see God, face to face". And we will all have this experience eventually, all of us without exception! 

Male - Female - Human

We will not always remain males and females. Transformation is in progress. 
The masculine pole in the male, and the feminine pole in the female, has its "release-centre" in the sexual organs, while the opposite pole has its "release-centre" in the brain-organs. These are still strongly separated in the earthly human being. Through long development, a connection line grows between these two centres. This cannot be rushed by any "exercises", because it is an organic, spiritual process, which progresses through our humane sympathies and actions towards our neighbour. With "spiritual eyes", these can be seen as shimmering offshoots, thin "fluorescent tubes", from both centres, and when they reach each other in the heart-region, through the spinal cord, an immediate contact is established. This means:

"that the most beautiful of the female's feminine- and the male's masculine mental natures, and physical outlines has been united to a divine constitution, as one being." (Livets Bog II, paragraph 361) 

Man has then become one with her highest self, God, and gets Cosmic Consciousness permanently. She is a "being of Love", who loves everything and everyone, without exceptions. This shall not be confused with what we call "falling in love", but is a higher form of love. 

"Everything is now incorporated in the sympathetic talents, everything is flames from the very highest fire. And not until now, the earthly human being has become the true human being." (Livets Bog V, paragraph 1935)

She can move in and out of the spiritual world, as she likes and desires, and needs no longer to be born of women. This development shall take place peacefully, and unnoticed through many lives.
To get into contact with the highest form of spiritual energy of the Universe, "the energy of Love" one must vibrate on this high frequency oneself. It is not until then that "Love" or God recognises himself! There are no shortcuts.

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