The Epoch of Intuition by Martinus

The following is a speech made by Martinus at the Martinus Institute on 24th March 1971 marking the 50th anniversary of his Cause. Martinus reckoned 24th March as the birthday of his cause because it was on 24th March 1921 that he underwent the highest fire.

Without peoples' loving help the Cause would not be what it is today

I would like to wish all of you a warm welcome and to thank you for everything you have done this year. I am still working and hope that my next book will soon be finished; after that I have various other things to write but these are analyses that we can in fact do without. If something should happen, if I should be called away from this world, so much has been created that humankind could attain cosmic consciousness using all the material that is already available (1971). Once again I would like to thank you for coming here and for all the help and support you give me. It is because of the love that people around me have shown that the Cause has been able to grow and be carried forward, so that it has become what it is today. We have personal acquaintances over almost the whole world, in America, Canada, Africa, Australia and Southern Europe. They are not groups of people but rather individu-als, nevertheless they don't keep silent about the analyses, so that it is as if we have already spread a virus that will gradually make the Cause better known. But the time is not yet right for the big breakthrough, for making the Cause known in a big way. That will only happen when I am no longer here.

Spiritual science the comforter, the holy spirit

It is certainly not the intention that people should worship any person. What matters now are the analyses not the person. That is the difference between the past and the present. At the time that Christ was alive talking to people, what mattered was his standing as a person and as an authority, because at that time people did not have the ability or the intellectuality to understand Christ's solutions or the analyses that I have recently created. That is why Christ had to announce the future coming of a science the comforter, the holy spirit: "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. But the comforter, which is the holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto ye. He shall take of mine and shall shew it unto you." (John 16,12; 14,26; 16,15)

"The comforter, the holy spirit" is not a man or a new world redeemer that will appear, nor is it a new centre of worship that will emerge, but a science that will come. Many people nowadays are indifferent towards authorities but they are asking what are they saying? It is a question of arriving at an understanding of things for oneself so that one becomes one's own teacher and that is what one can do through the cosmic analyses. Through them people will gain an explanation for all the various things that affect them, be it hardship or misfortune etc. They can see in my cosmic analyses the causes of it in its entirety. And that is all there is to it! My work is really a continuation of Christ's mission, and I am compelled to say that it is Christ's mission that is now being completed.

We are, in other words, entering a whole new evolutionary epoch. This epoch is the epoch of intuition. It is quite remarkable that science or humankind has not thought about the fact that just as the plant kingdom follows an animal kingdom, so the animal kingdom follows a true human kingdom, the animal or unfinished human developing into the completely evolved human being. With the development of intelligence humankind enters the epoch of intelligence, the materialistic epoch, and after that with the development in intuition it enters a spiritual epoch. The characteristic of this spiritual epoch is the comforter, the holy spirit, that is to say spiritual science.

Intuition and cosmic consciousness

In this epoch, which is beginning now, people will evolve to receive cosmic consciousness. One experiences cosmic consciousness with the part of the brain that at the moment is latent. But it will be opened when the time is right, and it

is through this part of the brain that intuition can act. It is because of intuition that I have been able to create these analyses. It is not something I have read about in books or got to know from other people. It has all come through myself, and I am a living proof of the fact that one can achieve the highest knowledge through one's own being through one's own organism, and that is exactly what is intended. Every person will become his own teacher or prophet and attain total sovereignty. I myself now have total sovereignty in spiritual matters, I don't have to go and ask anyone about anything at all in the field of spiritual realities.

The whole point of this new epoch is that people should attain an intuitive faculty. By studying the analyses, which are created with the help of intuition, they will develop their intuition. Intuition will also be developed to the extent that one leads a moral life.

War will kill itself off

One must try to move away from everything that causes distress to one's surroundings. What it all boils down to is being able to accept all things as they are. It is quite a task to accept all things as they are, but that is what one has to do because all the evil that one meets is caused by oneself. For this reason it makes no sense at all to take revenge on others. In fact Christ said that one should love one's neighbour as oneself and love God above all things. Loving God above all things is what one does when one loves one's surroundings. But loving one's neighbour is not something one can impose; it is something that grows in the individual person. Love grows through war, through suffering and through pain. That is why there are still some world wars to come. There will be at least two wars, which will be a continuation of the two we have had, and there will be other wars as well. They will go on coming until war has wiped itself out. There is no might that can bring an end to war. People think they can bring an end to war through war, and that is why they are busy stocking up weapons and instruments of destruction. But they cannot. War has been created to destroy itself and this happens by means of reincarnation. We see generation after generation being born to the world. Some people become soldiers and go to war, are tortured, wounded and become invalids. They die and are born again not remembering that they have been at war before, and they become soldiers again, go to war and are wounded. Again they die and again they are born and go to a new war and again they are wounded, become invalids or are killed. This cannot happen without gradually changing their attitude to war. A talent kernel is formed that causes an abhorrence of war in them. Gradually they begin to feel other people's sufferings. They feel sick at the thought of other people being wounded, and eventually they haven't got the heart to inflict suffering themselves. This faculty, of not having the heart to inflict suffering, is the same as universal love or neighbourly love.

The spirit of God in the darkness

Neighbourly love, which is beginning to grow in human beings, is not the same thing as conjugal love, which is not real love. Conjugal love is merely an artificial affinity or affection brought about through hormonal processes and glandular functions that has been necessary as long as people did not have any form of love at all. In animals and primitive humans there is still no universal love and their world would be absolutely terrible without the affection and joy that comes from falling in love and mating. The act of mating or sexual intercourse and the sensual pleasure that arises from it is nothing less than the spirit of God. With this sense of sensual pleasure, this spirit of God, the Godhead led the animal through the aØ kingdom and is

at present also leading humankind on to a higher state, free from everything that humans are at the moment burdened with. That is why humans are not nearly so interested in marriage as they used to be. What we see is precisely that marriage is breaking down. People are marrying and separating, marrying and separating several times in one life, while many others have no wish to marry at all. I won't go any further into it, but this is what is happening at the moment.

So humans are in the midst of a tremendous change from an animal state to a state of spirit. It is not meant that humans should experience the spirit of God only through sexual intercourse. What is intended is that they experience the spirit of God every time they touch their neighbour. When love prevails, embracing, kissing, caressing and touching will give the highest sexual satisfaction. And that will happen by war gradually eradicating itself. After every war there are people who have had enough of war. After the sufferings of every concentration camp people are against war and suffering. Christ expressed it saying that it is love that "separates the sheep from the goals" and that is what is taking place before our eyes all the time.

Pioneering a new world civilisation

We are the pioneers of this new world epoch. It is our mission to bring it into the world. Every person that learns about the analyses is entrusted with a task that is the greatest task anyone can ever be given. There is no greater task than explaining the nature of God, explaining the cosmic analyses and teaching people how to love everyone and to understand that no one can suffer injustice and no one can be the cause of injustice.

Everything dark and unpleasant that we experience is our own fate, something we have created ourselves. How divine it is that people already in this life can begin consciously to create their fate for their next life. They didn't know this before but now that people know all these things and want to live in accordance with them, they won't have been working very long before they begin to grow. They begin to realize that they are not in the same place as before. They begin to have more affinity for a world of peace. Why do they? Because they have experienced harsh karma. These people who are interested in the analyses, and because of the joy that they get from them, want to live in accordance with them, are people who have finished experiencing harsh karma. What I mean by harsh karma are the awful sufferings from death, murder and the like. It doesn't mean that these people are free from karma, they still have many small karmas left that are due to things that they will gradually put aside.

One is oneself protected to the same extent that one protects others

One does not become receptive to the cosmic analyses until one is against inflicting suffering on others, against war, killing murder etc. When one begins to feel what is completely right, one begins to develop a talent for understanding the analyses. When one begins to work with them, one is taking part in leading the whole world forward towards the light, towards a divine world. It is true that there will be more wars but they don't have to affect us. War is not for those people who are working to abolish war. War can in no way strike those people who do not want war and do not want to create war. We can certainly be struck by ordinary physical phenomena such as restrictions and the like but I can say that war will not be particularly hard in our parts, that is, in Scandinavia. That is not where war will rage. The new civilisation has to be preserved in one place, until humankind is receptive for it and it becomes more widespread.

A good solution can always be found

What our mission is really all about is being able to agree in all situations, to be for and not against each other. There is always a good solution. It is always possible to find it as long as we have the will and we don't work against each other. We have to learn to understand that where we do our training is with the people who do not like us. They are the people we have to learn to like and to think of in a loving way.

Original Danish title: Intuitionens epoke Translated by Andrew Brown, 1996


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